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Tailor-made services to meet your demand

From waste prevention and facility services to reuse and recycling: We develop individual solutions in favor of the environment dependent on your requirements. Benefit from our expertise as integrated services provider for an intelligent circular economy, improve your sustainability performance as well as efficiency – and increase your competitiveness.

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  • Recycling


    Whether you need to handle commercial packaging waste generated by consumers or by private households and similar kinds of sites, Interzero offers effective solutions for take-back and recycling.

    Sales packaging

    International Packaging Licensing

    Do you export to other European countries? If so, you are probably obliged to comply with surprisingly complex foreign packaging law at your destination.

    International Packaging Licensing

    Recyclable plastics

    High-quality recyclable plastics to customer specifications: Interzero’s award-winning “Recycled-Resource” process closes the waste plastic loop – conserving valuable resources and protecting the environment.

    Recyclable plastics

    Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

    Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling: Interzero offers manufacturers and distributors a reliable take-back system for WEEE while developing bespoke solutions – also for recycling.

    Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

    Collection and handling of old batteries

    Old batteries have to be taken back. Transfer your obligations from the Old Batteries Ordinance in Austria to Interzero GmbH and profit form our long-standing experience.


  • Waste management & logistics

    Waste management with RSI

    Environmentally friendly waste management and bespoke services go hand-in-hand at Interzero. Which is why we develop industry-specific disposal solutions in close collaboration with our customers. To implement our solutions, we rely on certified companies from the waste management and recycling sector. This enables us to handle any category of waste nationwide throughout Austria while meeting the high standards of quality expected by customers in any industry.

    Waste management

    Orwak balers

    Orwak from Sweden is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials. These compactors, baling systems and briquette presses make waste management more efficient and more profitable.

    Orwak balers

    The smart TOM

    deal locations are restaurants, cafés, food courts, airports, bus and train stations, theme parks and malls. TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste bin but can hold up to seven times as much waste as he is able to compact it on his own! Featuring hands-free operation, it keeps your environment tidy, hygienic and inviting. Thanks to the new feature TOM Connect, TOM is able to communicate when the bag is full or the unit needs attention.

    The smart TOM

  • Consulting

    Optimise & Recycle with RSI

    Interzero offers you long-term and convenient solutions for waste management and disposal. We have a tailor-made solution for every customer.

    Recycling solutions

    Packaging management with profitara

    profitara austria helps its customers satisfy the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance and actively guides them through the complete process of packaging management and waste disposal.


  • Recyclable material trading

    Recyclable material trading

    Interzero buys recyclable waste in order to recover and market recyclable materials, letting us supply manufacturing with high-quality resources for new products and contribute to an efficient closed-loop economy.

    Recyclable material trading

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