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Collection and handling of old batteries

Old batteries have to be taken back. Transfer your obligations from the Old Batteries Ordinance in Austria to Interzero GmbH and profit form our long-standing experience. 

Whoever distributes batteries (equipment, vehicle or industrial batteries) or imports these into Austria for the purpose of their own work must satisfy various take-back, collection and handling obligations in addition to the general requirements (ban on certain substances, removability, etc.). This has been stipulated by law in the batteries ordinance (Batterien-VO).

Distributors of equipment and vehicle batteries must guarantee that these batteries are taken back, recycled and handled by participating in a collection and recycling system.

Distributors of industrial batteries can also transfer their obligations from the battery ordinance in Austria (in German) to a collection and recycling system. Alternatively, they can conclude individual agreements with the purchasers of industrial batteries on the financing of their collection and handling.

Your benefits with Interzero

  1. A one-stop service
    We have specialised in the collection and recycling of batteries, old electrical equipment, packaging and other wastes from industry, households and trade. We use our know-how to develop individual services to match the relevant products and wastes.

  2. Great value for money
    We can organise the obligations from the Austrian battery ordinance at a low cost for you through the use of regional collection channels, a concentration of waste disposal procedures and using our experience in treatment and recycling.

  3. Service-oriented waste disposal
    It doesn't matter where and how you sell your batteries, we collect the old batteries throughout Austria from the local and regional collection centres, dealers, distributors and workshops.

  4. International network
    The Interzero Group is the only provider in Europe who organises the international collection and treatment of batteries, old electrical equipment and packaging.

Our modern reporting system

You can report the quantities you have distributed at any time quickly and easily via our <link en portals _self external link in current>online portal and check your "old batteries" account.

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