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Commercial packaging recycling – we set standards

We are a specialist for commercial packaging and have been developing individual services with our specialised know-how that are tailored to the respective needs of our customers and give them complete legal security since 1997.

Packaging that has been brought onto the market must be taken back and been recycled. Transfer your take-back and recycling obligations for packaging in Austria to Interzero. Profit from our long-standing experience and our individual solutions. Whoever distributes packaging or imports this into Austria for the purpose of their own work is responsible for ensuring that this packaging is collected and recycled. The packaging ordinance differentiates between "household packaging" and "commercial packaging". The latter includes not only transport packaging but also all of the sales and outer packaging that is produced by industry, trade, commerce etc. Interzero takes care of your obligations for commercial packaging so that you can comply with the packaging ordinance.

It doesn't matter where and how you sell your products, we collect the empty packaging from numerous places of taking in charge or by our waste management partners from wherever this is produced - at either your own or your customer's premises. 


Packaging take-back and recycling:
a shared approach to responsibility

The principle of product responsibility means producers placing packaging on the Austrian market are obligated to ensure its proper recycling. We offer practical take-back, recovery and recycling solutions for all types of packaging, in a way that is customer-oriented, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Are you selling goods in sales packaging (i.e. mail-order/product packaging) to Germany? For more information regarding German packaging licensing go to Lizenzero (, the online shop for packaging licensing of Interzero Germany.


Your benefits at a glance

  • International network

    As a part of the internationally active Interzero Group, we are represented in numerous European countries where we organise the collection and treatment of various types of waste.

  • Sustainable

    We make sure that valuable raw materials for industry are recovered from secondary materials. In this way we make an important contribution to protecting the climate and environment. We are pleased to confirm our customers' savings in individual "Climate protection certificates".

  • Cost-effective

    We can organise the obligations from the Austrian packaging ordinance at a low cost through the use of economically attractive and efficient commercial collection channels, the concentration of waste disposal procedures and our experience in recycling and marketing.

  • Forward-looking

    Interzero sets standards in the fields of quality, customer orientation and innovative recycling technologies.

  • Compliant

    As a manufacturer, compliance with packaging law is guaranteed with Interzero as your partner.

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